Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Bi-Partisan View

So, in the Stevens house we are a true democracy...or is that democrazy? As proof that we the people can get along just fine, Bryan and I represent two sides of the political spectrum. While we differ on our political affiliation, we often have the same core values and desires. So, when the hub-bub about President Obama's address to schoolchildren came up, it stirred up some nice dialog in our home.

We the people of the Stevens home believe that it's pretty cool that our very busy president would dedicate part of his schedule to address the ones we value so highly, our children. We believe that while we did not unanimously vote him into office, we have a responsibility to our country that we love to support his position as president and strive to not diminish that role by bashing him before hearing him, especially in front our future generations. We believe that being a responsible parent is to discuss with our children the pros or cons of ideas that may be brought about by this speech and respect the fact that our young one wants to hear what his president has to say to him. We, Bryan and Dulce both, support this speech made today and will watch it this evening with our children.

So, not that you asked, that's our opinion.