Monday, June 30, 2014

Open Letter to Scout Camp Leaders

An Open Letter to our Scout Camp Leaders,

I’m writing this letter shortly after sending two pieces of my heart in your direction.  The joy on their faces and the hopes they have could not fit into their foot-lockers and duffle bags.  I have meticulously read, re-read, and triple checked the scout packing lists.  Santa only checks his list twice so I feel like I’ve one-upped the big man.  I have researched on Pinterest and Google for other well-intentioned mothers who may have some tips I can learn from.  Shirts have been rolled, rubber banded, and I’ve sent enough extra socks for my boys and perhaps their whole packs/troops.  I have followed the “be prepared” mindset as best I can and with a deep breath I waved my hand until their vehicles left my view.  Let’s be real, I probably stood there a little longer than I needed.

Now it’s your turn.

Let these boys have fun.  Let them bond through sweat and dirt.  Protect them at a reasonable distance.  Teach them something about the world around them that can’t be gleaned from a device or game screen.  Please make sure they shower at least once because lake water is not really that clean.  I totally understand if you don’t run to them right away when the fall, I didn’t pack a bubble wrap suit for them so they will fall and probably get hurt.  When you read their name during mail call, perhaps a drumroll would be good?
Know that it’s with a great deal of prayer, anxiety, and expectation that I send these boys your way.  Please respect that.  Also know that all the loud and boisterous noises that you’ll hear throughout the day represent a little void in their respective homes.  Honestly, that’s also a little break for us moms.  By the end of the week I’m going to need that back, please. 

Lastly, thank you.  Thanks for this opportunity for them to learn how to make healthy friendships, how to resolve conflict if it comes up, and how to leave home and come back in one piece.  Also, please make sure they are wearing clean socks when they get home.  Thanks.

Scout Mom