Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's almost Halloween!!!

So, we finally bought Jackson's costume last night. I decided to drag my feet a little more than usual since he has changed his mind an average of twice a day. We have gone from Lego Batman to Ironman to Optimus Prime and (my favorite) a Native American. That's right, a blonde hair, blue eyed, creamy white skinned Native American. I really think it was just the appeal of a mohawk that did it for him. So, I let him wear a mohawk to school a couple of days and got rid of that little urge. All that to say, Jackson is going to be...drumroll please....a Ninja. Yep, he never mentioned a desire to be a Ninja at all but fell in love with the costume at the store last night.

Sebastian will be dressed up as a soccer player. I know, it's a stretch. The boy sleeps with two soccer balls every night and wakes up to dribble a ball out of his room and through the house every morning. I wore a necklace yesterday that had a silver circle and he kept chanting "ball, ball, ball." This boy loves soccer so it's a safe bet that he'll love his costume.

So, stay posted because I'll have pics of them in their costumes this weekend from our Fall Fun for Families at our church. Also, I am room mom for Jackson's Kindgergarten class. HOORAY!!! I am getting things ready for their Halloween party. I'll keep you posted.


Jennifer H said...

How fun! I still tell people about Sebastian's costume from last year. Best. Thing. EVER.

Dulce said...

That was classic, wasn't it? He may hate us for it when he's older but it sure was fun for us!

Jennifer H said...

I don't think it is possible to hate that. If your last name was Butts and you dressed him as a used cigarette, THEN he'd have reason to hate you =0)