Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sometimes I have to go back and look at the pictures of my little guys and reevaluate. Like this one of Sebastian.

Here he is, this new member of the family. Only breathing air for a week at this point. He wasn't a fan of the picture taking and we had been up day and night for days. I was tired, wondering how I was going to get to know this little guy and settle him down for a picture. Those were my worries.

Today, I worry about how to get markings off the walls, Vick's Vapor Rub out of his hair, if the child safely lock in working on the car door and how to keep him and his ukulele out of our room at 4 AM. Yep, things sure are different.

Then there's Jackson.

This picture was taken when he was three. I knew that we were a couple months away from going from a house of three to a house of four. Would I be able to nurture him in the same way. Would I get to spend my "Mommy Day" with him in the same way? Would he resent the new family member? How would stay the stellar potty trainer he turned out to be?

Today I worry about his sensitive heart. Will today be the day he's made fun of at school? Will he ever grasp the concept of remorse for cutting holes in our new couch or his new sweatpants. Will I ever see the bottom of his bedroom floor without a rake? Will he make good friends at school. We're officially less than 10 years from him being of age to drive. Yep, things have changed.

It's nice to look back and see these pictures and know that we're doing okay. The things that were at the front of my mind seem silly now. Hopefully in a few years, my current fears will amount to nothing. The bad part is I know I'll probably be exchanging these small fears for others. Until then, I have pictures of these times my kisses could make things better.

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