Thursday, August 5, 2010

People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

When the boys returned one day from Grammie and Grampy's, they had a new friend with them.  They have named him Steve.  Well, Steve has turned out to be the most docile passive aggressive toad in the Animal Planet.  Steve loves to swim, perch on the rock mountain we made for him and swim some more.  What he does not seem to love is eating the grasshopper we lovingly caught for him.  Now, in his defense, this hopper's a bully.  When in a staring contest, the hopper wins.  If in a jumping contest, yep, the hopper wins.  In fact, last evening the hopper actually jumped off Steve's back to then claim his rightful title of King of the Mountain.  Steve watched from a lower perch as the whole thing.

Oh the trials of trying to keep a little toad alive so your little ones can have a pet.  If only we can keep him properly fed so he doesn't hop off to his greater reward. 


A.BrooksArcher said...

Try a earthworm.

Girl_To_Woman said...

Ok, I love your blog. :) Keep it up! :)