Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been 4 years

Four years ago our doctor whispered "Happy Birthday" to our child then handed him to Bryan.  Actually, there was probably a nurse or two in there somewhere but I was laying back and feeling real good. 

I knew Sebastian before he ever made eye contact with me.  I knew when he did and didn't want to be messed with.  I knew that he would only kick when he wanted to and when he did, look out.  I knew that he would want to snuggle with me and tune out the outside world from time to time.  And I knew that I would love him more than the sun and the moon.  I still do.

What I didn't know is the shades of color he would bring into my world.  I didn't know that he would be so hilariously funny.  I didn't know that he would be his brother's best friend and also his bully.  I didn't know that he would be able to eat 8 clementines in a given day and follow them with some hellacious gas.  I didn't know that when he turned 4, he would still snuggle with me and let me rock him for a little while longer. 

I love my son, Sebastian.  More and more every day he stretches my heart greater than he ever did my stomach (and I have the marks to prove it).  I can't wait to see what our next year holds. 


StLphotogirl said...

Happy Birthday to Sebastian. I know you love and appreciate the gift of vibrance and life that God has brought into your life through this little boy. May he grow strong and live a long and full life.

Jessica FOUMENA said...

My mom said that it's also her bday every time one of us (her children) has a bday. I guess you understand what she means better than I do. May GOD bless your family, Dulca :)

DisVision said...

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