Saturday, April 2, 2011

Support the March of Dimes!

Once upon a time I met this girl named Shonda.  I was 17ish and she was 18ish.  So yeah, that had to have been just a couple years ago.  :)  We got to spend the summer together at Windermere where we worked and played.  We had no idea then the directions our lives would take us.  We weren't thinking about marriage or babies, we were thinking about our tans and friends.  We were sharing a community bathroom, not thinking about mortgage payments.  We couldn't have known then what kind of wives or mothers we would turn into.  Well, you know about my 2 blessings.  Shonda is the mother of 4 blessings.

Here are a couple of video montages that give you an introduction to her March of Dimes Team: 2 Here, 2 In Heaven.   It also gives you an idea as to why I am so blessed to have known her and call her my friend.

Please, if you can, please support the March of Dimes and this team. 

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littlewonders said...

Oh wow, thank you so much! I haven't checked my blog in a week and just saw this!

At for Windermere...I tried, very unsuccessfully to get tan :( And yes, we are only 20 something....right? :) Thank you my sweet friend!