Monday, January 2, 2012

Help! I lose things!

I lose things. 

This isn't a new problem.  Rather, it's been a trend for as long as I can remember.  I don't know that there was a single year through school when I didn't lose my class schedule before my first day of class.  We would have the little red. black and white slip mailed during the summer time and we'd eagerly call friends and see what classes we had with friends.  Based off of those conversations, more often then not I'd piece together through process of elimination what my days would look like.  How I ever made it through school that way, I don't know.

Once upon a time Bryan got me a ring that I loved so much I named it...Ka-Chow.  I lovingly wore Ka-Chow all of 2 days before I lost it.  For weeks I relived the lost-schedule nightmare and looked all over the place for it.  Days passed.  Weeks passed.  MONTHS passed and I finally admitted to Bryan that Ka-Chow was gone.  This wouldn't have been so bad had I not lost our digital camera just weeks before.  Yep.  Not my best moment.  Later Bryan bought a replacement ring that I named Ka-Chugga and shortly after, Ka-Chow resurfaced.

When my mother was released from the hospital last year the physician tried to hand me the dismissal papers.  Luckily, Mom saw through her post-op, drug-induced fog to mutter the words.  "No, not Dulce.  She loses things."  Yep.  I lose things.

All that to say, I have managed to lose not one but BOTH of the boys birthday presents.  I am scouring the house, looking through boxes and stacks of paper.  Looking at our "go-to" spots for important things.  No luck.  In an attempt to reduce clutter a few years back, I started buying tickets to shows for birthdays.  Jackson has gone to Blue Man Group, Cirque Illumination, Cirque Montage and others as a birthday present.  Somewhere hidden in the house are 4 tickets to Cirque Dreams: Pop Goes the Rock.  This should be the first year that we start this with Sebastian and I have secured 4 tickets to see STOMP.   

I'm hoping to foster a love of the theater like I have.  So far it's been working pretty well.  I'm thinking we may have to put a new twist on things, though, and say they have to find their curiously hidden present first. 


abstracti said...

Hahaha, that's very interesting! I've never had the problem of losing things often.. How do you manage to lose things so quickly?

I just found your blog through the "next blog" link at the top, but I'm glad I did - this was a funny post to read! Good luck on finding those tickets!

Kianna said...

hahahaha......i know how you feel it's very stressing and i hope you can also visit my blog:

and good luck finding those tickets....:)

Marx said...

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mynewyearsvow said...

ha! Me too. Me too. There are rings and valuable I've still yet to tell people, "um, sorry I lost it."

Mrs White said...

LOL...Some of this reminded me of my self. I wont say that i lose things but i'm sure good at misplacing I have a habit of putting things in a secret hiding spot sometimes to hide from my kids and actually end of hiding from myself because i never use the same place twice. I'm real good at hiding stuff...just not good at finding them. I've started to email myself the locations of where i've hidden stuff. I'm that bad. lol

Mrs White