Monday, November 3, 2008

It was a Spooktacular Halloween!

Well, Halloween has come and gone. It's been a crazy, busy weekend and it's been memorable. I think it's a little nuts that Halloween seems more fun with the kids than I can remember. Here are some pictures to sum up our weekend.

We visited Bryan's grandparents after Trick or Treating. I thought this was such a sweet picture of Great Grandma Adkins with two of the great-grandkids.

Yep. This is a huge pumkin. It's called the Great Pumpkin, in fact. Bryan's bosses, the Hubers, had this giant pumpkin custom made by a hot air balloon company. They loan it to the governor's mansion every year for the downtown halloween event. Then, on Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin inflates and glows in their front yard. They have a speaker inside and everything so they can greet the children by name. It's a hoot every year to visit.

The next few pictures are from the Huber & Associates party they had for their employees and their families. They went all out this year with a bounce house, pumpkin painting, hay mazes, treasure hunts and, of course, the Great Pumpkin.
I love this "Are you serious?" face he's giving me here!

The next couple of pics are from the Kindergarten class party. It's a sickness, really, but I LOVED throwing this party! We had a photo spot area, a funny book read by another mother, bead your own candy necklace station and a pumpkin toss. I made ghosts from helium balloons and tulle that floated around the room during the party. What a blast!
Lastly, Jackson and Sebastian were dancing up a storm on Friday morning. They wanted me to witness their "Awesome Dancing Moves."

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