Friday, November 7, 2008

Blessed are the Peacemakers

So, for the most part Jackson and Sebastian get along great. They are playing together from the time they get up to the time they crash at bedtime. There is, however, a little territorial problem when it comes to the art supplies. They both LOVE to play with markers, the unwashable ones, of course! Bryan and I thought we had tossed every one of them away, low and behold 4 magically appeared this morning. THAT'S why they call them Magic Markers!!! So, while I was laying down I could hear them fussing and wrestling over what I was sure would be a manageable mess. Well, the carpet is embellished with green and pink now and no about of Shout will be getting the colors off of Sebastian's white shirt. So, I took them both, messy hands, messy faces and bedazzled shirts to some retail therapy.

So, at Target I bought 2 notebooks, 2 boxes (separate brands) of 64 crayons, 2 boxes of WASHABLE markers. Then we hoofed it to Hobby Lobby where I got 2 white photo boxes and whatever stickers the boys chose. We went home and they crafted their own art boxes. Behold their new custom-made treasures:

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