Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Potty Time

I want to first state for the record that we didn't ask for the stage we find ourselves currently in. Our sweet, sweet Sebastian has decided he's ready for potty it or not.

Two weeks ago I was reading with Jackson in the Living Room. Just then, the mom in me noticed that #2 has been unusually quiet for a couple seconds too long. I high tailed it into the bathroom where I found him standing between the wall and the toilet with a look of anguish on his face. I then noticed that his size 12 pants were pulled down and he was trying to get his boy parts out of his diaper. Just my luck, Bryan is at work and it's all me on this one. So, we spend quality time in the bathroom.

While hanging out in the bathroom, we parents do the goofiest things. Our current music repertoir consists of the following:

  • ABC song with the last line being "Next time I think I will pee."

  • The Pee in the Potty goes Swish Swish Swish - Sung to the Wheels on the Bus

  • Tinkle Tinkle little 'Bastian

Yep, we've lost our minds this time! Our other dilema is that Sebastian is a tiny one. He is 22 months old and is just now wearing size 18 months. Those 18 months hang on his little waist. Lucky dog! The big boy undie people begin their garments at size 2T. We're quite a ways from that size. So, if you happen to find some itty bitty teeny weeny whitey tidies, send them our way!

1 comment:

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