Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Grade Already?

Today, August 19th, I officially have a 1st grader on my hands. I'm hoping that this isn't the year that I won't be able to help him with his homework because it's over my head! Doesn't it seem like kiddos are covering some subject matter that I discovered in middle school?? Either way, he's one excited little boy....err...young man.

I was beaming with pride this morning as we got to his room. Let me back up, we were running late. (What a shock!) Molasses moves quicker than Little Man this morning. We finally get to his school and enter his classroom. Behold, there was no one in there which caused him to look at me smartly and said "I guess we were early after all." After a mental picture of a headlock and noogie, we went looking for some sign of children. We ran into both his teacher and another little girl. We found out where they gather in the morning and as we headed that direction I got to hear the little gentleman say. "Hi! I'm Jackson, what's your name?" When she responded he said, "It's very nice to meet you. Let's go together to the hall." The poor girl was taken aback and the teacher didn't believe her ears. After mouthing the words to me "He's so polite" I beamed with pride and followed at a distance behind them. I also said a little prayer that this wouldn't be the year that his wonderful quality of chivalry doesn't disappear.

Here are the pictures of my little learner:

His favorite pose

Apparently Sebastian has a pose he'd like to strike, too.

Same stance, different background.

Love this new backpack we got from Initially Yours in Jeff City.

Jackson with his super-sweet teacher, Mrs. Keith.
Here's to a great year ahead of you!

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