Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Darling Bryan and I were able to spend a weekend together in St. Louis. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Since my birthday is August 17th and his is the 22nd, we could go all out and enjoy them together. I was able to share in one of Bryan's great Saturday night was Sports Crusader's night a the ballpark. We enjoyed getting together with some friends we hadn't seen in 10 years. It seems crazy that a sentence like that even exists, to not see someone in that long a time. The great thing is you would have thought it was last week. It goes to show that some friendships are as natural as breathing. Thanks Stevie & Jill!
Here are some pictures from the weekend:

While my choice of words may not be correct...the rain tarp was by far the prettiest thing I saw all day. It was like a giant metallic parachute. We all were about to play slip 'n slide while we waited.

Somewhere there is a lesson about littering in this picture.
Litter Bug, Litter Bug, Shame on YOU!

While I never professed to being the biggest of baseball fans, anywhere that gives you a free accessory is okay in my book!

Darling Bryan!

Really? They get paid MILLIONS of $$ to do this. I could do batting practice! Shoot!
They aren't even holding a bat!

Look at the weiner in the picture! (I meant the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!)

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littlewonders said...

Glad you all had a great time. I love me some Yankees baseball!