Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grandma Pavey

As we were praying tonight, Jackson prayed for Grandma Pavey as he does every night. It dawned on me that I have neglected to post pictures of her with the boys. We had an extended visit from Grandma this summer. Days before Cito's wedding, my uncle purchased a day of beauty for her. Unfortunately, the steep steps at the spa made for an unbeautiful experience. She fell down the majority of the steps and shattered her femur. So, she was in the hospital and rehab for a while. She went from there to Mom & Dad's house for about a month. Grandma boarded a plane home to Florida a few weeks ago with my sister, Carrie, there to help. It was a selfish treat for us that the boys could spend more time with her than originally planned. They are missing her right now and I need to be more sensitive to that. We need to plan a visit sometime soon. Until then, enjoy these pics.

Bryan and Cito "helping" grandma.

I thought this picture was sweet. She was in the van on the way to St. Louis and the boys climbed into the van for this picture.

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